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Christian, Educational and Morally Safe Flash Games - All of the games on our site are flash based which means they can be played right in the browser. Additionally, all our games will be either Christian based, Educational or simply just morally safe (which means, considered appropriate for Christian gamers unlike most other sites).

High Scores - Scores can be obtained in every game; A fun way to compete for the top scores like the Arcades!

Awards - Users earn Awards in every game that give them something to work toward and to show achievements

Gold - Every game has Gold (universal game currency) that can be earned which can be spent in various ways

Personal Profile - Users get a customizable profile which displays their scores, awards, gold earned, etc

Play & Learn Games - Many of our games will be not only entertaining but you'll learn a lot by playing too!

We're the only website on the internet to offer all of these features and most flash gaming sites don't even offer 1 of these features! On top of that, we'll release 1 new game weekly!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently out of money which is required to continue developing and adding games to the site. We will be adding more games once we get some supporters and donations.

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Please Join US and become a part of one of the most exciting websites for Christians to EVER appear on the internet! is seeking to become the entertainment hub for Believers on the Web!

With a paying Membership, you'll have access to all the games on our site with the ability to compete in high scores, earn awards, and earn + spend Gold (site currency). Additional games added almost weekly!

Membership is FREE but support us with $4.95 a month or with $50 a year! Please support this completely unique way of ministering Christ to kids, teens, adults and families on the internet. And by signing up, you're funding the development of more games and exciting entertainment for Christians around the world! We charge this fee only because it takes a lot of time and money to develop these games.

Become a part of the Vision. Say You were there at the beginning of the website that brought Christian programmers from across America together and changed internet entertainment for Christians everywhere! You were a founding Member of! ...So little can go so Far in making this Vision a reality... JOIN TODAY !
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"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." - Psalm 16:11 ( Read all of Psalm 16 )

News: September 2009 - The site has slowed down a tad. We're currently in desperate need for money to continue making games and to help advertise the site so anyone out there who is willing to help out with the site or is willing to donate some money to us, it would be greatly appreciated. We've got 20+ game idea's that we're so excited to create but we've come to an unfortunate slow down due to being financially unable to continue creating games. Other ways you all can help is by telling your friends, family and church about us.

In other news, I re-designed the website a bit. Re-did the background and gave it a 'heavens' look, re-did the logo by making a video game controller cord extending to the bible and merging into a rainbow and also re-did the entire banner but giving it a sea theme.
-David Auchampach

News: 4/1/2009 - After many months of hard work and dedication, has officially launched! We may only be launching with 3 games but we plan to release a new game each week (or at least every 2 weeks) which will add up real fast, 2 months from now our collection will be around 10 games and a year from now we'll have over 50 games. Always be sure to check out the E-Puzzed page, we will be adding Puzzles to it weekly!
-David Auchampach

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