Games Recently Released
My Bible Millionaire - released on launch day
Based on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' but with all Bible related questions and new rules!
Wheel of Verses - released on launch day
If you like 'Wheel Of Fortune', you'll love this! Packed with 150 verses to solve!
Manna from Heaven - released on launch day
Manna is raining from the sky, use your Focus, Reflex and Eye-Hand abilities to collect as much as you can!
Followers of Christ - released April 28th, 2009
A Snake remake where you play as Jesus and you have to acquire as many followers as you can.
Tower of Babel - released May 7th, 2009
A fun remake of the puzzle game Tetris but dealing with the Tower of Babel.

Games Coming Out Soon
-Demon Slayer - Budget Ran Out; on Hold
A Pac-Man remake where you must use the power of God and the Holy Spirit to slay the demons.
-Untitled 3D Game - Budget Ran Out; on Hold
This FPS game is in very early development but will have 3D graphics!
-Defend The Cross - Budget Ran Out; on Hold
Defend the cross from the evil-doers but make sure all of God's people receive it in this action game.
-Super Moses Brothers - Budget Ran Out; on Hold
Side-scroller clone of Super Mario Bros where you play as Moses & Aaron and learn the 10 commandments.

Available Games

Game development has slowed down due to lack of money to fund the games.
We've got 20+ game idea's which need support to have developed.
More info, refer to the index page under the news section.

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